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Recently, getting rid of unwanted hair became one of the most popular types of cosmetic treatment. Unwanted hair is a cosmetic problem for most women and men. Women may face problem of hair growth especially in pregnancy and menopausal periods. In addition, excessive hair growth can be a symptom of some particular diseases.



If LASER epilation is considered, the patient should be seen and evaluated by a dermatologist, the cause of hair development should be investigated and the medical analysis and examination, considered necessary in some cases, should be done and the patient should be adequately informed about the process.

Practitioner should be authorized to apply LASER in accordance with skin properties of the patient and should have well knowledge about skin type of the patient.

How can people get rid of unwanted hair through Laser?

Getting rid of unwanted hair through LASER is a safe, rapid and efficient method. Laser systems use single wavelength which is aimed at a specific target and process and which has a high selectivity level. The target may be an unwanted capillary vessel, birthmark, a tattoo or a hair root. The LASER light, applied to the skin in laser depilation, intensifies on the hair root selectively (dense melanin source) and creates heat. It damages the hair root without harming the surrounding tissues. The application area is cleared of unwanted hair at the end of sequential sessions. We are using a FDA-approved Alexandrite LASER which carries out this process efficiently and excellently in our clinic.

Do LASER epilation have a lasting impact?

LASERS are used on people for various purposes since 1960s. The most efficient method nowadays is the LASER systems which are designed to destruct various hairs simultaneously. The reason for preferring LASER epilation is that the process is rapid and painless and it has a lasting impact on more than 80 % of patients.

Traditional methods such as epilating wax, shave and depilatory creams, which are used to get rid of unwanted hair, eliminate hairs temporarily. Epilation with injection which is one of the oldest of the traditional methods could create a lasting impact, but it is a very painful and time-consuming process and should be done by competent persons.

How many sessions are required?

A reasonable impact can be created after several sessions. The number of sessions depends on the individual respond of the patient to LASER treatment and the number of hairs. A permanent decrease would be seen in hairs at the rate of 80-90 % after completing certain sessions. The remaining hairs will become thin, their colors would change and they would grow in a longer period of time. Since all the hair roots do not have the same growth phase, the sessions should be applied at certain intervals in order to catch the phase which laser will be efficient.

LASER treatment can come to a satisfying conclusion after 6-8 sessions on the average depending on the hormonal situation, age, gender, skin type of the person and the color, phase and density of the hair and also the individual respond of the patient to LASER treatment and the application area.

How long do the sessions last, what are the session intervals?

The most important advantage of this method compared to traditional ones is that the sessions last a short time and the session intervals are long. The upper lip part is completed in approximately 2 minutes, axillary cavity in 5-7 minutes and each leg in 30-40 minutes. The session interval is app. 4 weeks for the face and about 6-8 weeks for the body. Would there be any pain during the application?

The process is almost painless. The pain may be defined as a feeling of a rubber band hitting your skin. The pain threshold and skin sensitivity of each patient is different and sensitivity varies according to the application areas.

Alexandrite laser beam which is high in melanin selectivity converts into heat /thermal energy on the hair root and damages the hair without harming the surrounding tissues.

The more your skin color is white and your hair is dark-colored, the more you respond to the treatment.

What are the points to be taken into consideration before the treatment?

It would be enough the hairs are I -2 mm long before the process. It is recommended that no process should be carried out before I months ago of the treatment. Anesthesia is not required before the process.

A free test could be made before the application for the patients who request and they could be able to observe the treatment and their feelings.

After the safety measures regarding laser and the patient are taken during the process, the patient and the applicator wears special protective glasses and the process starts.

One of the most important mistakes made during LASER applications is not being aware of LASER safety measures and not implementing them.

What are the points to be taken into consideration after the treatment?

You can continue your social life after the process. 1-2 days of temporary redness and bulging could be seen after the treatment. In this case, the patient should use moisturizing creams and should be under the control of his/her doctor. Even it's a very low risk, temporary spots, burn and dropsy could be seen in sensitive skins. In such a case, you should call your applicator doctor and determine the treatment options. It is recommended to use a good moisturizing cream, to avoid activities that would increase your general body temperature such as direct contact with hot water, exercising, steam bath for 24-48 hours and to treat the application area sensitively. It is also recommended to use SPF 30 broad-spectrum (UVA/UVB) sun-protection cream. The hairs where the application is carried out will grow and will be lost (shed) in I -2 weeks.

For whom is LASER epilation not suitable?

Persons who will apply LASER epilation should be knowledgeable about the side effects and should be competent about solving these kinds of problems. The medical history of the patients with diagnosed skin disease, suspicious skin lesion, patients who are light-sensitive, who have a medical record of attack and migraine attack triggered by light, patients who have a disease requiring regular doctor follow-up and use medicines which create light-sensitivity and pregnant women should be obtained from the doctor and not to apply LASER to these kind of patients would be appropriate. This treatment can be applied to everyone as from I 8 years old after receiving approval form.

What is the average price of a session?

The cost of treatment is dependent upon various factors. It varies by the size of the area where the treatment will be applied, the number of sessions and the hair density. After the determining the application area, we determine the price in our clinic.

What are the most important mistakes made in LASER applications?

The most important mistake made in LASER applications is carrying out this process by people who are not medical doctors and who do not know the properties of the lesion and more importantly the properties of the skin.

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