Our clinic diagnoses and treats all types of cardiovascular diseases.


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Coronary Intensive Care Unit

Cardiology beds are monitored by the central monitoring system.

4 single coronary intensive care units.

2 echocardiography devices,

One multi-plane transoesophageal echocardiography device.


Our clinic diagnoses and treats all types of cardiovascular diseases.

Coronary: In the last five years, we have performed 15000 diagnostic and treatment procedures. The number of annual coronary angiographies is 3000. Our clinic performs approximately 1500 coronary interventions a year; interventions such as bifurcation, unprotected main coronary, and grafts are routine procedures. The mortality rate regarding coronary interventions at the hospital is one every five years. The mortality rate for emergency surgery is three (due to two acute tamponades and two acute occlusions). These rates are significantly below world standards.

Congenial Heart Diseases: We close the holes in the heart, present since birth (atrial septal defect-ASD, ventricular septal defect-VSD, patent ductus arteriosus, and coarctation of the aorta) using a percutan (entering from the groin), before surgery. We are one of the three centers that carry out the most adult procedures in Turkey (the other two are state hospitals). Our annual ASD figure is between 50 and 60, while our annual number of VSD is 15.

Mitral Valvuloplasty: Thirty cases are addressed at our center every year. In only one case surgery was performed four days late due to an acute cordial rupture; the other cases were a complete success. Paravalvuler leak is closed with percutaneous closer device.

Peripheral Vascular Impairment: Stent applications are available for the narrowing of the carotid artery, the subclavian artery, the renal artery, and the iliac artery. The number of interventions per year is 200. We carry out ablation during arrhythmia treatment. Intra-cardiac defibrillator and bi-ventricular ICD or CRT is carried out.

All the modern devices are used in the hypertension and heart failure units; hemofiltration applications are applied in resistant cases.

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It is possible to perform a heart surgery so as to solve obstructions of coronary artery which we call "LAD" (left anterior descending coronary artery), through a small incision while the heart is still beating. We, Cardiac Surgeons, call this kind of procedure "Minimally Invasive Bypass Surgery".

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ATHEROSCLEROSIS (Vessel Stiffness): "Atherosclerosis", which is colloquially known as vessel stiffness, is a vessel disease characterized with loss of elasticity in arteries resulting with thickening.

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Temperature rise is one of those conditions, which leads to illness and death that come up depending on weather conditions. Heat can cause exhaustion, heat stroke, cardiovascular disease and respiratory disease. Hot weather does not pose equal effect on everyone. Patients with heart disease and other chronic disease, children and elders, athletes and those who have mental illness are more prone to consequences of hot weather.

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Private TOBB ETU Hospital provides service to its patients with surgery rooms and intensive care units organized for Cardiovascular Surgery at a quality equal to European and American hospitals. Architectural structure of our hospital has an area of 25.000 m2 in total and won the Hospital Architecture Award given by "American Society of Architects" and "Modern Healthcare Journal" in the U.S.A.

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