Diet & Nutrution Center

TOBB ETU Hospital Nutrition and Dietetics Department aiming to raise the life quality by promoting the consciousness of healthy nourishment in the society, furnishes nourishment services supporting the recovery process of the patient by programming the nourishment treatment of patients cured either on feet or in bed, and it does the application and tracking of these.


During the week: 08:30-18:00

At the week ends: 08:30-13:00

The basal metabolism speed, the body fat, muscle and water proportions of the patients applying to our diet polyclinic because of obesity (fatness) are inspected by using the “Body component measurement” method, by evaluating the nutrition habits of individuals and their general situation, nutrition treatments are planned and individual training is given.

Before starting the healthy nutrition and diet program, the errors in the way of living or in nutrition which cause to put on weight and aims to reach the ideal weight should be set properly.

At the first meeting which is the informative meeting, information is given about healthy nutrition, diet principles and the application in our hospital. After that, by taking into account the medical diagnosis and medical assessment, nutrition habits and the general situation of our patients, a nutrition plan is formed and training is planned.

In our diet polyclinic beside obesity, for all other situation where nutrition and diet treatment is necessary (such as; pregnancy- nursing period, child and adolescent nutrition, diabetics, cardiovascular ailments, hypertension, osteoporosis, gastrointestinal system ailments, enteral and parenteral nutrition, nutrition with cancer, kidney ailments and other metabolic ailments) individual training is given.

At the beginning we do weekly periods of meeting with the patients applying to our polyclinic. These periods can shift from time to time to meetings of 15 days or longer periods depending on the patient’s situation.

Protective diet training is given with the aim that the same problem will not occur after the diet program is finished.

The errors in the way of living or in nutrition which cause to put on weight and aims to reach the ideal weight should be set properly; information should be taken from a proper resource and these should be applied. In order to protect the health and preserve its continuity, eating sufficiently and balanced should be a way of living.

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