At the Pathology Laboratory of TOBB ETU Hospital we provide services for individual patients via hospital services, first and foremost, and via agreed organizations and clinics. Our laboratory has a total of three staff members; two pathology technicians and a an expert doctor (pathologist). Slides are prepared at the highest quality by using fully automatic devices. The diagnosis of frozen sectioned materials are told to the operation room in 10 to 15 minutes. Pathological and cytological materials are reported generally in three days. This time can be longer if additional diagnostic technics (histochemistry, immunohistochemistry etc) are used or consultation to an other pathologist is needed.


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Our laboratory is located on floor B1 in our hospital. Samples reach our laboratory in pathology sample carrier bags, once the Health Support Personnel collect the samples from operating rooms and polyclinics. The identity barcodes of the materials that arrive at the laboratory are compared against the demand information on the computer, and then recorded in the system and the laboratory book, after which it is given a pathology protocol number. The doctor carries out a gross (macroscopic) examination of the samples; once the representative samples are taken, the tissues are placed in a tissue processor. After a one-night process, the tissue is removed from the device, embed in paraffin in order to produce paraffin blocks. The 4-5 micrometers thick slices, taken from the blocks using a microtome device, are placed on a slide. After the paraffin of the slices is melted (deparaffinization) in the incubator device, they are stained in the automatic device, and cover with a coverglass. In the event of frozen examination, the tissue is cut into slices by freezing, and stained using a process that lasts in a couple of minutes. The slides are examined by the pathologist under light microscopy. The pathology and cytology results are reported in the pathology section of the system, and are made available for other doctors to access on the system.

Gynecologic materials (smears) comprise the majority of cytological examinations in our laboratory. Fluid-based cytology is used for smears in our hospital. Fine-needle aspiration biopsies that belong to the thyroid and other tissues, bronchial brushing, and lavage materials are also examined.

While we have the most frequently addressed antibodies in our laboratory for immunohistochemical assessment, we also have a fully automatic immunohistochemistry machine (LabVision Autostainer360) available for use when necessary.


Our laboratory uses the College of American Pathologists (CAP) (Pathology and Gynecologic Cytology) as its external quality control program; as a result the preciseness of our diagnoses is evaluated and we have the chance to compare our results to those of other member laboratories.

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The laboratory of our hospital consists of 9 sections which use state of the art technology. We are offering 24-hour service, including weekends with an experienced and expert medical staff. When you give blood in our laboratory, you will get your test results as soon as possible. Also you can ask your questions regarding the test you will get done or their results to our authorized experts.

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